FestivalWorks Adult High-Vis Bucket Hat



Top off your festival outfit with our FestivalWorks High-Vis Bucket Hat. Made from recycled personal protective equipment with reflective accents, this hat will be your festival fashion staple come rain or shine.


FestivalWorks Adult High-Vis Bucket Hat

Is it even a festival if you’re not rocking a bucket hat?

Our FestivalWorks High-Vis Bucket Hat doesn’t just look stylish and keep you out of the sun and rain, it features luminous and reflective material to glow under the lights, perfect for 24-hour party people looking to turn heads and show off their moves.

We also offer a Child High-Vis Bucket Hat and a limited-edition Adult Luxury Leather Bucket Hat.

Each FestivalWorks item, including this bucket hat, is handcrafted and unique, made entirely from recycled personal protective equipment. Not only is this fabric durable and colourful, it’s also reflective, guaranteeing you’ll stand out in crowds or daily life.

★   Key features and dimensions

  • Circumference: 62 cm (approx.), H: 9 cm
  • Weight: 89 g (approx.)

♻   Made from materials 100% recycled and manufactured in the UK

  • Strong and hardwearing, manufactured from industrial-grade PPE
  • Vibrant colours
  • High-visibility reflective sections
  • One-of-a-kind – no two items the same


FestivalWorks: Made for moments. Built to last

It’s time to dance the night away with FestivalWorks, the ultimate festival clothing and accessories collection made from recycled personal protective equipment (PPE).

Featuring bold, bright colours and high-vis, reflective accents that capture the essence of UK dance culture, FestivalWorks gear ensures you’re looking cosmic at the same time as saving the planet.

Explore the FestivalWorks range, from bucket hats to spacious tote bags, to ensure you stand out, whether under the lights on the dance floor, chilling at the campsite or just bringing festival flair to your daily life.

Our design process involves careful selection of the reclaimed PPE material, followed by expert craftsmanship to create items that are stylish, practical and unique, carrying the visible legacy of the fabric’s former life.

Let the good times roll with FestivalWorks.

Additional information


High-Vis Multi, High-Vis Orange, High-Vis Yellow

Care & Safety

  • Wipe-clean only
  • Keep away from fire
  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Beware allergens: Not all fibre content can be identified, so we do not recommend use by those with allergies

ReSure Guarantee

At ReFactory, we take full responsibility for the products we create, striving to keep them in a circular loop for as long as possible. Our ReSure guarantee covers repairs and end-of-life returns. To get your item repaired, simply cover the postage to get it back to us and provide your forwarding address – we’ll handle the rest!

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